How to Help Students Escape Transition Traps

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Wednesday, September 25: 1:00 pm ~2:30 pm (eastern)


Wednesday, September 25: 1:00 pm ~2:30 pm (eastern)

How to Help Students Escape Transition Traps: 5 Well-Researched Tactics That Save Students and Boost Long-Term Retention

Research suggests that first-year students who underachieve are least likely to graduate. With the college dropout rate ranging from 33% to 59%, depending on the numbers in the data set, parents are increasingly worried whether their students will return to school after the first year.

In this new webinar, Leonard Geddes will reveal “the underachiever’s dilemma” before detailing five research-rich tactics that free students from the transition traps that trigger underperformance and academic failures. Participants will use the Escaping Transition Traps workbook to set current and future students on a clear path to academic success.


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Leonard Geddes
Founder, The LearnWell Projects

  • has conducted 100+ in-person workshops and online events
  • SACSCOC Program Evaluator; frequently invited to speak at NCLCA, CRLA, and NOSS
  • prior to The LearnWell Projects was Associate Dean of Co-Curricular Programs at Lenoir-Rhyne University; worked in higher education more than 15 years


Participants will be able to

  • free students from academic snares by using the tactics shared in the Escaping Transition Traps webinar workbook,
  • boost retention and persistence by helping future students avoid transition traps, and
  • generate productive institutional dialogues about valid drivers of student performance and retention.

Participants will receive

  • the brand new Escaping Transition Traps webinar workbook,
  • access to the Escaping Transition Traps webinar, and
  • the Escaping Transition Traps PowerPoint presentation deck.

Intended Audience

  • First-Year Focused Programs and Professionals
  • Learning Center Professionals
  • STEM Programs
  • TRIO Programs
  • Parents
  • Students