Improving Your Test Performance (Online Course)


Three-Step Process

  1. Pay online course fee.
  2. You will receive a private link granting access to the course.
  3. Take the course – many times. You have access for six months.


This course is the most innovative, student-facing approach to producing self-directed learners.

College students have enough on their plates already – textbook readings, studying, quizzes, tests, and so forth. The last thing they need is another task that competes with their limited time and attention. These power-packed short videos feature ready-to-use worksheets, straight-to-the-point quizzes, and instantly usable tools to complement students’ academic work rather than compete with it.

Using Animation to Accelerate Education

This lesson leverages the powers of animation to illustrate complex mental processes in a most appealing, entertaining, and impactful way.

After completing this lesson, participants will be able to:

  • reduce their study time while improving their performance
  • gain control over their knowledge confirmation systems
  • immediately apply new tools to their current studying and preparation efforts and their actual college tests.

Get ready to learn well and perform well!

Preview the course’s introduction below.